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HI, I’M crystal

disclaimer: i'm not for everyone, nor do i want to be.

if there is anything that i have learned on my journey as a photographer, is that i have a specific style/goal when it comes to my photography and i am going to stay true to that. i provide my best work when my clients trust me, and trust my art. 

when you hire me, you are more than a client, you are a friend. i promise to take good care of you, and capture your story in a way that is meaningful to you and yours. i'm about quality over quantity. i will wait for the perfect moment, and capture it just as it is. real. raw. 





but a visual 


just a


and a

i'm a jesus-loving, tattooed libra, 9w1, infj, extroverted-introvert, colorado native who just feels absolutely honored to be a witness to your story and life.

i have a degree in graphic design, and graduated from rocky mountain school of photography in 2013, focusing on wedding and lifestyle photography. i'm professional, i'm passionate, i'm friendly. i smile a lot, but laugh even more. i like to have a good time, i like to create. i've got a wild heart and hungry eyes, and i'm always ready for an adventure.

i want to breathe life into photography like it breathes life into me.

learn more about me and what photography means to me.

i should have known that my fascination with light and color would have brought me to a creative/artistic field. but more specifically, a craft that requires a vision - or as some say 'the eye'. some days, i still can't believe how lucky i am that my passion is also my job. i'm excited to get to know you, your story, and capture what is special to you.

your story is worth being documented.

my inspiration stems from genuine connection/relationships, natural light, blue hour, earth tones, bathing by candlelight, foggy mornings, reading a book while listening to the rain outside, art museums, campfires, a good shade of lipstick, deep conversations, movement, laughter, flowers, the desert, going for a walk or hike, creamer dancing in coffee, hugging a friend, watching strangers at the airport, music, vulnerability, traveling, hearing testimonies of faith, a fresh perspective... honestly inspiration is everywhere. and i think there's so much beauty in the simple, every-day moments. which is why i love to capture those kinds of memories. let's remember your backyard picnics, the skate park dates, setting up the nursery for your first babe. whatever is important to you, is special enough to be documented. so let's make some magic together xx

“i'm always observing the light, the people around me, the way they interact. i am fascinated by nature, color, and human connection.”

no matter what the circumstances, i do everything in my power to deliver the same amount of energy and quality of work to every wedding that i am a part of. it doesn't matter if i am there for 6 hours or 10 hours - if it's the middle of summer or dead of winter - if it's a huge, fancy venue downtown or in a backyard at the farm in the middle of nowhere. it's your day, and i am going to capture it how it is. i prefer to be a wallflower and capture raw, candid moments but i will happily give you direction if need be. i want you feeling comfortable and odds are that i will end up being a serious goofball to make that happen. i want you to have fun.

rain, hail or shine, i won't miss a beat.

i love traveling, going for walks while listening to a podcast, and browsing antique stores. i never go anywhere without my hydroflask (if you know you know). my hair has changed 12 times in the last 3.5 years, and i am always looking forward to my next tattoo.

that's a little sneak peek into my life and a few of my favorite things. but i would love to meet up and share more, while getting to know YOU. and maybe i will be lucky enough to photograph your special moments.

every, single. time.

i can't say no to a charcuterie board, especially if a glass of wine is in my hand. quality time is my love language. i'm a cat lady but also really love dogs. my husband is the greatest gift i've ever received - i seriously still don't know how i got so lucky. i enjoy rock climbing and hiking, but don't go as much as i wish my schedule would allow. reading is one of my favorite hobbies, so if you have any recommendations, please share! i've got a list in return :)

disney movies make me cry.

We have had the privilege of working with Crystal during many milestones in our life- wedding, maternity, newborn and family pictures- and she absolutely never disappoints. Crystal is talented, creative, and easy to work with. She has become not only our go to photographer, but a treasured friend and we would recommend her to anyone.

kaitlyn & nick

Crystal made every moment special and allowed us to fulfill our vision, mixed in with a perfect amount of guidance from her on how to truly maximize the final product. She far and away exceeded our expectations of what a photographer should be during the wedding process. She made it her mission to make the entire day about us. Her organization, friendliness and quality of photos were second to none.

britney & matt

Crystal was a dream to work with! We are always so awkward when we get our pictures taken but Crystal makes us feel comfortable and confident. And she always makes us look good! We can’t imagine using another photographer after working with her. We highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

alyssa & jef

Crystal is a genuine artist. She has a vision so unique and it’s truly magical.  She is such a warm soul,  so you will definitely feel comfortable and relaxed while shooting. She encourages you to be yourself. I got all the shots I wanted from candid to artsy and sophisticated. She is also just an amazing person. From handing you a tissue, to helping with your bustle, to sharing a quick laugh. I was just so impressed with the whole experience.

jen & dylan

Crystal is an absolute dream to work with! I've shot with her multiple times and have always felt comfortable and encouraged to be 100% myself when she is behind the camera. Besides being professional and excellent at her craft, Crystal is one of the most genuine human beings I've ever met, and she truly cares about the people she works with. She captures naturally beautiful, authentic images with incredible amounts of personality and character.

matthia r.

Crystal is legitimately the sweetest human and such a wonderful photographer! My family has worked with her a couple different times and she is the only photographer that we will use. She makes taking pictures fun and not awkward at all. Crystal is such a joy to be around and knows how to work her magic behind the lens.

bailey k.

Crystal documented our wedding day in the most effortless and professional way. She took care of us through the whole process, and delivered our photos timely and efficiently! My husband and I have both have huge families and had a very large bridal party but Crystal fit right in and maneuvered the many opinions and personalities of the day! I truly couldn’t recommend Crystal enough. I felt like a loved and special bride, and my wedding day was captured perfectly from start to finish.  Thank you, Crystal!

emilee b.

 sweet words

sweet words

you are welcome here, and you are worthy of having your story documented and cherished.

sydney, aus
april 2018

oregon, usa
july 2021

new mexico, usa
june 2021

sydney, aus
september 2019








"it all started with..."

no story is one and the same. i strive to capture what makes yours beautiful and unique.